The Patented Racking System Performed as Expected in Salt Lake City’s Most Recent 5.7 Earthquake

March 30, 2020 (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) – Hannibal Industries, one of the largest steel pallet rack manufacturers in the U.S., today announced its patented TubeRack system performed as expected during the magnitude 5.7 earthquake in Salt Lake City. Much like the other TubeRack installations throughout Utah, American Crafts’ warehouse racking was left undamaged. 

TubeRack Inventor, Andrew Kirby states, “As an engineer, I believe my job is to design safer products that can prevent accidents and ultimately save lives. I was really pleased to hear TubeRack lived up to its design specifications during this seismic event.” 

A Post Earthquake Picture of the American Crafts’ Warehouse Located Just Miles Away from the Earthquake Epicenter.  It Utilizes the Stronger, Safer, Smarter and More Cost-Effective TubeRack System

“When the team at Liftrucks, Etc. came to us and provided us with the benefits of TubeRack, it was a no-brainer to go with the patented TubeRack system. We are just miles away from the epicenter and the racking system outperformed my expectation,” said Jason Harrington, American Crafts’ Distribution Center Manager.

Hannibal’s Stocking Distributor, Liftrucks, Etc. is a full-service material handling sales and service company that also provides professional warehouse design services to a variety of companies like American Crafts. Based in Utah, American Crafts was founded in 1994 by Steve and Alma Mitchell with their sons to cater to the general crafting market. Since its inception, the company has transitioned focus from scrapbooking to art supplies, card making supplies, food crafting and more. 

TubeRack is known to provide a stronger, safer, smarter and more cost-effective solution to warehouse racking. In addition to its many benefits, the system’s dual-moment frame allows flexibility both front-to-back and side-to-side giving it the ability to withstand impacts and seismic events while handling greater capacity. To view the first-ever CGI video demonstrating the dual-moment racking system, visit: https://youtu.be/iEaNHtApqBE.

To stay connected to Hannibal, please visit: https://hannibalindustries.com, on Twitter @HannibalRack, on the Hannibal Rack YouTube channel and on LinkedIn.  

About Hannibal Industries, Inc.

Hannibal Industries, Inc., headquartered in the Los Angeles metro area, is a pallet rack and steel tube manufacturer with a diverse product line that enables the company to offer material handling products to the most massive operations in the world.  This employee-owned company is the largest U.S. manufacturer of steel pallet rack west of the Mississippi River. 

The company’s industry leading product offering includes TubeRack, Structural Pallet Rack, Roll-Formed Selective Pallet Rack, Hybrid Systems, Cantilever Systems, Pushback Systems, Pallet Flow Systems, Case Flow Systems, Drive-In Systems and shelving. Engineering and design services offered by the company include system design; seismic engineering; permit administration; in-house installation and custom fabrication.  A true innovator, Hannibal Industries was awarded a patent in 2006 for a pallet rack system adjustable safety restraint, and a patent for its TubeRack in 2015. 

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