April 30, 2019 (Los Angeles) – Last Saturday Hannibal Industries, Inc. employees and a customer supported the Pat Tillman Foundation by participating in the 15th Annual Pat’s Run.  This year an Honorary Run was held in the city of Hannibal’s southern manufacturing facility, Houston, at Memorial Park. Hannibal’s Director of Sales and veteran Nathan Sherwood has run the 4.2-mile race 10 years in a row, including one year he ran the race during his deployment in Afghanistan. Nathan was joined by Hannibal’s Willie Marquez, Michele Phavorachit, Luis Medina Gonzalez and Jose Medina of Tri-R Erecting.  

The mission of the Pat Tillman Foundation is to empower remarkable military veterans and spouses as the next generation of public and private sector leaders committed to service beyond self. Pat Tillman’s decision made a big impact on Nathan Sherwood’s life, and here is his story: 

“Pat Tillman was the reason I joined the military. I remember hearing of him because he left the Cardinals (AZ NFL Team) in 2002 to enlist in the United States Army. He worked his entire life for one thing, to become a professional athlete. He obtained all this world could offer both fame and fortune. He could respectfully continue with ease for the rest of his life doing what he had worked 20 years to achieve. But, with the knowledge of the events of 9/11 he declined 4 million and 5 million-dollar contracts to go and defend our rights, liberties and privileges that had been attacked. 

I feel that Pat is one the greatest National Heroes of my time. He personally to me epitomizes a Patriot.

I joined and served in very similar capacities as he did, I fortunately did return home.  I have shared his story with my family, my children and friends. I have had over 50 people come out and run to also take part in this amazing cause in remembrance of a great man and legacy.

I would like to thank the Hannibal team for joining me to support this worthy cause.”

– Nathan Sherwood, Hannibal sales director 

For more information on the Pat Tillman Foundation, visit: https://pattillmanfoundation.org/our-story/

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