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JULY 9, 2015 (LOS ANGELES, CALIF.) – Hannibal Industries, Inc., the leading pallet rack and steel tube manufacturer, today announced it has been awarded a U.S. Patent for TubeRack. Owned by Hannibal Industries, Inc. and TubeRack Inventor, Andrew Kirby, the new patent issued under U.S. Patent 9,066,585 reduces seismic damage to stored goods, in distribution centers and most importantly to the people working in those facilities.

“My first priority as an engineer is saving peoples lives, and TubeRack’s dual-moment frame creates a stronger, safer and more flexible system that will save the lives of people in distribution centers during seismic activity.  I am very proud of that,” said Andrew Kirby.


“Our goal at Hannibal Industries is to engineer innovative material handling solutions and TubeRack Inventor, Andrew Kirby has partnered with us to provide a smarter alternative to conventional racking systems,” said Hannibal Industries’ President, Blanton Bartlett. “We are honored to work with Andrew Kirby and very proud of our latest patent.”

Since its initial release in 2012, TubeRack has successfully been installed globally, endured its first-ever impact test, formed strategic partnerships to develop a new racking product and has expanded into new industries.

TubeRack’s modular design is engineered to be more impact resistant, to reduce product shedding in the case of an impact or seismic event, offers better tolerances, and lowers freight costs. The system’s dual-moment frame allows flexibility both front-to-back and side-to-side giving it the ability to withstand impacts and seismic activity.

To watch the first-ever TubeRack impact test, please view the video at www.youtube.com/HITubeRackImpactTest. For additional information on Hannibal Industries’ TubeRack, download the white paper at www.hannibalrack.com/TubeRackWhitePaper.

Additional information on Hannibal Industries is available at http://www.hannibalrack.com, on Twitter @HannibalRack, on the HannibalRack YouTube channel and on LinkedIn.


About Hannibal Industries, Inc.

Hannibal Industries, Inc., headquartered in the Los Angeles metro area, is a pallet rack and steel tube manufacturer with a diverse product line that enables the company to offer material handling products to the most massive operations in the world.  This employee-owned company is the largest U.S. manufacturer of steel pallet rack west of the Mississippi River.

The company’s industry leading product offering includes TubeRack, Metalsistem, Structural Pallet Rack, Roll-Formed Selective Pallet Rack, Hybrid Systems, Cantilever Systems, Pushback Systems, Pallet Flow Systems, Case Flow Systems and Drive-In Systems. Engineering and design services offered by the company include: system design; seismic engineering; permit administration; in-house installation and custom fabrication.  A true innovator, Hannibal Industries was awarded a patent in 2006 for a pallet rack system adjustable safety restraint, and currently has a patent pending for its TubeRack.  For additional information, visit www.hannibalrack.com.


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