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The manufacturing process at Metalsistem is almost as unique as the shelving itself! One of the most fascinating transformation processes of steel takes place at the Metalsistem manufacturing facilities. Research and technological evolution have allowed Metalsistem to create a top of the line roll forming process that efficiently forms bland steel coil surfaces.rolls

So how do we do it?

First off, Metalsistem purchases galvanized structural steel coils in standard widths varying from 1.00 to 1.25 meters. The steel is galvanized with a high quality zinc coat that ensures a high level of durability! This zinc coating ensures that
our products have elevated resistance to rust and other elements.

Once the coils arrive at the manufacturing facilities, the coils are slit into widths that will satisfy our diverse catalogue of Metalsistem products.These slit coils are then transformed using one of the following processes:

Roll forming

Brake pressing 

rolls3Roll forming is usually used to make our standard frames and add-ons. During this process, a ribbon of  steel is continually passed through a series of rollers which reform the metal until the perfect shape is achieved.





Brake pressing is generally used to create items with smaller dimensions, such as our accessories. This process uses a single action to punch out the required form from a sheet of metal through the use of a press.

Once everything is complete, all Metalsistem components are subjected to regular and rigorous technical tests to ensure that they are safe, sturdy and top of the line.

7 Super 123 Storage


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Written by Hannibal Industries