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Organization is the key to success and what better place to start on that road to success than your home?

We understand that storage needs are personal to each individual! That is why our customizable shelving offers solutions to your home storage problems without stifling your creativity or originality. We have gotten a few questions about how MetalSistem shelving can be utilized in the home and hope to answer all of those questions on one short page. By the end of this blog post, you’ll be well versed in how versatility and style make MetalSistem shelving perfect for home storage!

The Super 1/2/3 series of shelving has customizable designs, additional accessories and a modern look that can be personalized- so let’s break it down!


Customizable design:
What do we mean when we say customizable design? The shelf levels of the Super 1/2/3 series can be adjusted within the main upright frames. This makes it easy to alter your unit based on your personal home storage needs. Opting for smaller shelf space is great when displaying books or other household knick knacks.Living Room Shelving
Bedroom Storage       But if you’re looking to create a bigger space for larger items, or even to hang clothing, the shelf support beams can be adjusted to accommodate that as well. While standard shelving requires you to shop for different units to suit each home storage problem that you have, MetalSistem shelving allows you to create what works for you. Whether you’re looking to organize your garage, living room, or even your closet, our Super 1/2/3 units will do the trick.






Additional Accessories:

Now that you understand how to customize the design of MetalSistem shelving, you can check out the handful of accessories we have that cater to several different home storage problems.

Drawers are available Organization Drawer and can be installed on any level of the unit to help organize smaller items. Another easy way to organize smaller items is with our modular containers that also fit on the unit level of your choice.Modular Container  If you’re looking to break up your shelves into different sections, our sliding dividers can be inserted to either create a low or high barrier between your items.Shelving Dividers
Finally, our units have the ability to be up to 26 feet tall! So, we offer ladders that match our shelving to help you get to those hard to reach places.Storage Ladder









Last but not least, MetalSistem shelving is designed with a modern look and can be used as everything from an elegant furniture piece for your living room to a sturdy outdoor storage unit. Because our shelving is simple, it allows your creativity to shine through by dressing it up or down. Here are just two ways that you can bring your Metalsitem shelving to life!

Indoor vs Outdoor





So how did we do? Did we answer all of your questions? If you have more questions or just want to give feedback on this post, feel free to talk to us on our Facebook page!

Written by Hannibal Industries