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Do You Have The Right Shelving Units for Your Home Auto Repairs?

Believe it or not, the average car has 30,000 different parts. That’s 30,000 opportunities for something to go missing, something to be misplaced, something to be tucked away in the wrong box, never to be seen again.

That’s why, when you’re doing home auto repairs, organization is of paramount importance. From routine car maintenance tasks like changing the oil, to major home auto repairs like completely rebuilding an engine, a garage lined with the right shelving units can make the job go smoothly.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” –Alexander Graham Bell

What, you ask, are the right shelving units? That’s for you to decide. Every garage will be different, and you want to make it unique to your own needs and tastes. But there are a few universal qualities you’ll want to look for.

Easy to Assemble Shelving Units

If you’re looking to construct your dream garage with just you and a couple of friends, you will need to invest in shelving units that are modular, so you can assemble it yourself, and versatile, so that you are able to customize your shelving units to fit the space you have

Accessory-Compatible Shelving Units

Because all 30,000 of those car parts have to go somewhere, you will need a shelving unit that can be diverse, as well. Spark plugs can go into a bin. Tools can be organized into drawers. There are even special racks designed for tire storage! If you’re planning on organizing for parts of varying shapes and sizes, make sure you have the accessories for the job.

Strong, Sturdy Shelving Units

Of course, one of the most obvious elements of a high-quality shelving unit is its durability. Not every car part is as light as a hubcap, you know. Look for a shelving unit that’s made of high-tensile steel, and has a weight capacity that’s been certified by a credible governing board.

Take a look behind the counter of any auto parts store – you’ll notice racks upon racks of high-grade steel shelving units that are all highly organized – so none of those 30,000 parts ever go missing. It’s no different than if you are trying to organize your personal garage. Proper organization – and proper shelving – are both important elements of any home auto repairs. Alexander Graham Bell is right – preparation is the key to success. With the right shelving system in place, you’ll know where everything is. And if you’re organized, you’re already halfway there.


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