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Creating An Earthquake-Proof Solution

As you read last week, the earthquakes in Los Angeles and off the coast of northern California were relatively minor, but they very easily could have been devastating. Great big earthquakes can cause buildings to crumble, and even minor ones can turn an organized, efficient warehouse into a chaotic mess.

Ask yourself this: If an earthquake were to occur directly under your place of business, how well would your warehouse survive?

Shopping – And Storing – is Big Business

Stop for a minute and think about how many stores there are in the U.S. alone. Now think about where all that merchandise does when it’s not being sold. Every store has a store room. And every manufacturer has a warehouse. And every distributor. And so on. What do all these things have in common? The manner in which they are all stored.

Rethinking The Modern Pallet Rack

From a distance all pallet rack units look similar – strong, broad, easy access to goods. But if you think that all units are the same, then take another look.

Due to the constant threat of earthquakes, and other impact events,Andrew Kirby and Hannibal Industries set out to create a material handling solution that could withstand the tremors and quakes of a seismic incident. And soon, that invention became TubeRack.

The TubeRack system features a dual-moment frame that permits flexibility front to back, as well as side to side. This gives TubeRack the ability to withstand earthquakes and impacts, greater than other shelves.

Inventor Andrew Kirby, who is Hannibal’s long-time engineering consultant, had been working on the earthquake issue for several years before inventing TubeRack: “TubeRack has set its reputation as the stronger, safer racking system that provides a lower overall cost of ownership,” he says – a claim that has been corroborated by its many satisfied customers. In fact, in 2005, when FEMA released a 160-page report that specified recommendations for structural improvements to buildings and storage racks, Kirby was already well on his way to address these new concerns, so TubeRack not only met all new federal recommendations and standards, it surpassed them.

If you’ve got a warehouse, then seismic activity and other impact events should be on your mind. You may not be able to predict, or control, natural disasters, but you can prepare for them.

The Advantages of TubeRack

It’s Easy To Assemble: TubeRack’s modular design makes it easy to put together – no welding – and, because the components are all interchangeable, the length and width of each unit can be increased as needed.

It’s Versatile: It was designed specifically to adapt to your existing environment – TubeRack possesses the ability to be mounted on existing slabs, to provide greater storage capacity than most existing racks.

It’s Lightweight: Even with all the durability, TubeRack’s design includes hollow metal posts to decrease unnecessary weight.


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Written by Hannibal Industries