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Is Your Warehouse Earthquake-Ready?

There’s an old saying that goes: “You can plan for everything – except what’s going to happen,” and unfortunately, it’s quite often true.

Take earthquakes, for example. Seismic activity is unpredictable, and the potential for destruction is almost limitless. But you can protect yourself – and your business – with the right shelves.

Earthquakes Can Be Costly To Your Business

The recent earthquake off the coast of Northern California was a poignant reminder of how the unexpected tends to happen when you least expect it. Although the quake was approximately 50 miles off the coast of Eureka, it measured in at a 6.8 on the Richter Scale, and the tremors were felt as far inland as Sacramento. Although there was no official tsunami threat, more than a few coastal residents kept one eye on the horizon, half expecting a tidal wave.

And even more recently, Los Angeles, California experienced a 4.4-rated quake. Granted, that’s a relatively minor tremor, but the big ones can cause mass destruction. In 1976, the Tangshan earthquake in China took an estimated 240,000 lives. It was a 7.8,

How Can You Protect Yourself?

The lesson to learn here is this: If you’ve got property or inventory, an earthquake – even a smaller one – could create costly damage. And the more you have, the costlier it could become.

In 2005, a wave of quakes affected a small section of the Italy, but resulted in a multi-billion-dollar blow to the economy. Foundations cracked and some buildings fell, but it was the loss of inventory that struck a colossal blow. Manufacturers of balsamic vinaigrette and Parmesan cheese had entire inventories rendered unsellable. Aged barrels toppled to the floor and split open, great wheels of cheese fell to the floor by the hundreds. It was devastating.

However, there is another old saying: “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

The Right Shelves for the Job

With that in mind, Hannibal offers high-density high-grade Metalsistem shelving units to stand their ground – even when the ground itself doesn’t. Super 1-2-3 is a popular shelving unit made from high-tensile steel, and is certified according to EN 10204 3.1. In addition, Super 1-2-3’s safety is recognized by TÜV Product Service in Munich, Germany, and also meets the strict requirements of the Equipment Safety Law.

The Unirack USP series is yet another design that offers even greater protection against seismic tremors. With solid shelves in place of beams, Unirack USP offers an unparalleled stability and a load-bearing capacity of greater than 10,00 lbs per unit.

So whether you’re setting up your garage, small business, or massive warehouse, you want a storage solution that prides itself on stability, durability, and strength.


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Written by Hannibal Industries